The Neem Tree Trust Logo


Our very dear friend, Theresa Hewat, a BA (Hons) Graphic Designer, created our logo for The Neem Tree Trust when we became a UK Registered Charity in 2003.

Theresa’s design was inspired by a drawing by Krishnamoorthy, one of the boys at the home in Tirunelveli. On one of Kathy’s visits to the home she asked each boy to draw a picture of the beautiful Neem trees that surround the campus and she brought the drawings back home with her and gave them to Theresa.

Theresa selected Krishnamoorthy’s drawing because of its simple charm and the fact that it could be easily adapted to form the logo for The Neem Tree Trust.

Sadly, in December 2009, Theresa lost her battle against a lung disease Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (also known as LAM).  LAM is a very rare disorder, which affects women only.

Our Neem Tree Trust logo means a great deal to us not only because it is based on a drawing by one of the boys at the home but also because it was designed by Theresa.

If you would like to find out more about LAM and how you might be able to help patients and their families please visit the charity LAM ACTION at

The Neem Tree is known as the “Tree of Life” in India and has long been revered for its many healing properties. Beautiful Neem trees with clusters of honey-scented white flowers grow around the campus of the boys’ home in Anavarathanallur, giving much needed shade from the intense sun. In fact its shade is said not only to cool but also to prevent the occurrence of many diseases. The boys regularly clean their teeth with Neem twigs to help prevent gum disease and to protect their mouths from infection. We think it is appropriate therefore that our charity, which is supporting disabled boys in India, should be named after the beautiful Indian tree which has such an impact on their daily lives.