Arumugam’s Story

Arumugam is a boy who was affected by polio as a child and grew up at the Boys’ Home. With the help of the Neem Tree Trust he now has his own tailoring business, “Alex Tailoring”, and when Kathy visited him he proudly welcomed her to his new shop. He is a fine tailor, is building up a good customer base and has recently been commissioned to make sets of clothes for all the girls at St Luke’s Leprosy Hospital, Peikulam.

Arumugam outside his tailoring shop

With the help of his friend Kannan he makes many of the items we sell at our NTT stalls, and is also training up new boys. With money he has earned he has bought himself a specially adapted motorbike with stabilisers which he uses to transport himself and friends about.

Arumugam and Maharaja