Dr Haebus S. Vethabothagam Medical Superintendent St Luke’s Leprosarium Peikulam

Dr Haebus S. Vethabothagam took charge as Medical Superintendent of St Luke’s Leprosarium in December 2009. He is the great-grandson of Dr.Rathnam Vedabodakam, the founder of St.Luke’s Leprosarium and is a graduate of Christian Medical College, Vellore 98’ Batch.

Dr. Balachandran, the Diocesan Medical Superintendent, visited Dr Haebus in 2008 in Dornakal, where he was then working and was instrumental in inspiring Dr Haebus to take up his great-grandfather’s legacy.

He has completed his Diploma in Family Medicine from CMC and is doing DNB Family Medicine part time from CSI Rainy Hospital, Chennai.

After taking up his appointment Dr Haebus said:

“Those are really big shoes to fill but I am doing my best for the cause.

Frankly work here is quite different to what I was used to and is challenging as well as interesting.

My priority is to ensure longevity of St Luke’s Leprosarium. To heal the sick and to preach the gospel is something our founder religiously followed, and I have earnest intentions of doing the same”.