Eeswari’s story

While Eeswari was still in her mother’s womb, Eeswari’s father deserted her mother. A few years later she died.

When Eeswari was ten years old, some patches appeared on her hands. There was practically none to care for this motherless child and none to take her to a doctor..

After a few years, the leprosy bacilli destroyed the sensory nerves of her hands and feet. One day she accidentally stepped on a sharp stone, which injured her right foot. She did not feel the pain of the injury and continued to walk on the injured foot. After a few days, the injury got infected and turned gangrenous. Septicemia set in. Then her father brought her to Peikulam Leprosarium.

Her right leg was amputated below knee to save her life. After the surgery, she was fitted with an artificial limb. She was given training in tailoring and embroidery, and making of handbags and money purses, and a sewing machine all free of cost. She is earning her daily bread out of these hand-works.

Eeswari has married a fellow-leprosy patient Raman. Now, Raman an agricultural labourer and Eeswari are a happy couple.