Anthony Savarimuthu – New hope in my life

My name is Antony Savarimuthu. I was a leprosy patient. But now, if you see only my face and hands, you cannot make out that I was once affected by leprosy. I am very much thankful to St. Luke’s Leprosarium, which has brought new hope in my life.

I am from a poor family. My father was a (palmyrah) toddy-tapper.

When I was 11 years old, my left leg got paralysed suddenly (Foot-drop due to leprosy). I went to St. Luke’s Leprosarium. They gave intensive treatment, including POP Cast and physiotherapy exercises. A few months later I had reconstructive surgery, which corrected my foot-drop. Now I am able to walk almost normally.

Then St. Luke’s Leprosarium sent me to the Salvation Army Vocational Training Centre, at Aramboly in Kanyakumari District. I had thorough training in welding. Completing the course successfully, I returned home as a fully qualified welder.

On the recommendation of St. Luke’s Leprosarium, the Bank advanced loan to me. I opened a Welding Workshop at Peikulam and fabricate steel doors/gates etc. It is a thriving business now. I am happily married. We have one daughter and two sons.