Home for the blind

Blindness is an occasional complication of leprosy.

The plight of a BLIND leprosy patient is pathetic beyond words.

A ‘normal’ blind person manages to grope his way thro’ somehow with his sensitive hands and feet. But very often a leprosy patient has no feelings in his hands and feet. In other words, he is blind in his hand and feet. He is also blind in the eyes.

Such blind leprosy patients come to Peikuam, lamenting,

“Doctor Sir, God has been so cruel”, I am too disabled even to beg. I have come seeking shelter in your hospital. Please don’t say, ‘there is no room’. We cannot go back, and we will not go back.”

And they don’t. Blind leprosy patients and desperately disabled patients are admitted immediately and sheltered for life.
Thanks to DIK for gifting a building for these hopelessly helpless patients – DIK MERCY HOME – 2003.