Dr Karuna Chelliah


It is with much sorrow that I have to inform all our supporters that Dr Karuna Chelliah, Secretary of Society for the Care of the Handicapped, died suddenly of a heart attack on 29th March 2012.

The meaning of Karuna is compassion and Dr Karuna Chelliah lived the meaning of his name and was an example to all those living with any kind of disability.

Dr Chelliah was such a very special man, so kind, courteous and courageous and it was a privilege for me to have met him.  He made his vision of the boys’ home a reality and kept it alive with his heart, body and soul and I felt honoured to be able to support him in his work.


My life changed forever after I met the doctor and his wife – they became more than my friends, they became my family and my heart goes out to Mrs Princess Karuna and her daughters and grandchildren at this very sad time.


On 1st April 2012 a prayer meeting was held at the doctor’s house, so many people came and spoke about his good character and his love of poor people, the physically handicapped and of his patients.


The doctor’s goodness was obvious for all to see and he will be sadly missed but his legacy will live on through Mrs Princess Karuna who has been appointed by the Society’s Board as a Committee Member.


Mrs Princess, the Board Members, Staff and children at the home kindly request your continuous co-operation and support in the days to come.

I am sure that all the supporters of The Neem Tree Trust join me in expressing their deepest sympathy in the passing of Dr Chelliah but we would also like to celebrate his life and the thousands of lives he touched and enriched through his goodness and sacrifice.


Kathy Miller